UV-DTF DECAL - Christmas Teddy And Tree

Here is a single UV-DTF sticker.

Please note this is the price fo 1 sticker.

You can add these to any hard surface. Once its Placed on there it will not budge.

Here is how to apply it yourself.

Trim excess from all sides of the wrap decal as necessary, as well as to prevent the wrap from overlapping when applying onto the cup.

Run your squeegee over the wrap before peeling it off of the carrier sheet. This will help prevent air bubbles in the decalStart on one end, making sure the wrap is straight. Press down small sections at a time.

Once the wrap touches the surface, IT CANT BE REMOVED. A cup holder may come useful.

Really rub/ press the decal really well onto the cup. A squeegee or a debit card is recommended for best results. The more rubbing, the better! You want to make sure the decal is really well adhered. I recommend you really take time doing this bit.

Start at one end of the clear film and peel it off, if part of the decal comes up with the film, lay the film back down and rub really well before peeling PEEL REALLY SLOW!!!!!